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Management Development

Management Development with ASAP Consulting starts with identifying specific needs of the individual manager/s and the needs of the business. Once this has been established then a tailored programme will be developed. This can suit just one individual or a team of managers based on the client’s business needs/direction. The delivery style is highly facilitative and flexible, taking the lead from the managers in determining their own development needs and challenging them to change their approach.


Case Study
The client faced high staff turnover and allegations of bullying and identified the need to develop a group of recently promoted team leaders and area managers.

Initially the Training manager and the Head of Department highlighted a set of generic topics, which they felt the managers needed training on. However, after the training had commenced, it was quickly apparent that the problems remained.


Using a unique 360-degree feedback tool and personality profile questionnaires, managers were provided with confidential 1-2-1 feedback both in writing and verbally. Using the feedback, managers were supported to create a personal development plan; this plan was then used as a basis for 1-2-1 coaching. A team profile was also drawn up from the feedback, and using this profile, managers were brought together in small teams to create a management development plan. This plan was then used as a basis for developing a programme specifically tailored to the needs of the management team.


At the end of the 8-week programme, all staff were provided with a satisfaction questionnaire and they reported better communication, more feedback and a more supportive environment. Absenteeism had improved and the managers felt that they could rely more on their peers for support, infact they had taken on the role of developing each other!