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Employment Law


Since April 2000 there have been 103 changes to Employment Law. Keeping up with these changes is a full time job in itself and it is no wonder that the number of cases that have gone to tribunal during this time has increased by 70%  and almost 70% of these involve SME’s. As a consequence small Employers are often too scared to deal with employee issues leading to loss of morale and drop in productivity. For those that do choose to act, they often get put off by the alarming costs (the cost of a two-day hearing in a tribunal is approximately £25,000, this does not include the significant cost of time and if the employer looses, then the maximum compensation for unfair dismissal currently stands at £65,300 and is unlimited for discrimination claims).


Our experience shows that the best way to avoid these costs is through having up-to-date policies in place, having effective line managers and taking advice early on.


To help employers tackle these issues, we offer the  Employee Support Service package. This package is offered to companies on a monthly retainer, services under the package include:


• An Annual HR Audit (To determine any areas that are missing).
• A Telephone/email Advisory service 
• Templates (Tailored to meet the client’s particular requirements)
• Attendance at Disciplinary Hearings or redundancy consultations.
•  25% discount on all other services for retained clients.


All this from as little as £75 per month.


Clients on a non-retainer basis can access this service on an ad-hoc basis from £55 per hour.